How We Help Self-Insured Employers and Unions


  1. An employee is injured on the job, becoming a patient
  2. Patient referred to your Union preferred clinic/physician for a work-related injury
  3. Physician/Clinic complies with your directed protocol for a patient with pain, inflammation, lack of mobility, and other general work related pain injuries
  4. Advanced Therapeutics utilizes proprietary software to track the care, contain the cost and communicate patient data with key stakeholders.
  5. Advanced Therapeutics, as the preferred pharmacy for the Union network, provides a topical pain formulation used as first-line therapy for Union members/employees.
    1. First line Monotherapy
    2. Combination Therapy with topical and oral
  6. At appropriate intervals, patient is to be evaluated by case manager to assess the patient/employee to determine
    1. Decrease oral medication (if in combinations)
    2. Continue on topical to maintain healing process while integrating back to the workplace
    3. Best treatment to avoid further injury and quality of care with Clinic/Physician abiding by this pain protocol to minimize the use, misuse, and abuse of oral medication and lower the risk of drug to drug interactions


  • Personalized Pharmacist Consultations teamed with physician-tailored therapy
  • Streamlined Prescription Processing
  • Specialized Patient Care Representative
  • Pricing Predictability through Direct Contracting
  • Utilization Management/Cost Containment
  • Improve Safety for patients in workplace
  • Enhance value of an improved patient experience in treating patients with pain with topical pain medications
  • Reduce total cost management of existing Rx Benefit

Cost of Pain

Highlighting a few of the considerations above will broaden the benefit of a topical therapy choice with Advanced Therapeutics. The cost of pain in therapy can be crippling but the unseen cost in loss of productivity that if limited will boost effectiveness in all categories. Studies have shown that lost productivity from the most common workplace injuries can cost an estimated $62.2 billion dollars a year.

  • 6% of lost productivity was while at work and not due to an absence.
  • Common injuries like back pain, headache, arthritis, and other inflammatory injuries can take 3.5-5.5 hrs per week per employee.
    (Cost of Pain)

The goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life, your bottom line, and workplace safety, and using a topical pain formulation with Advanced Therapeutics will assist in getting you there. Using a topical NSAID in place of an oral medication studies have shown an almost instant pain relief directly linked to:

  • Improved mobility
  • Blood flow
  • Pain reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Getting your employee back to their normal daily life.(Crowley)

With workers having the above improvement you are greatly lowering your on job risk for injury. Getting employees/members back to work much sooner and with the possibility of still maintaining a topical therapy while working due to the lowered systemic absorption of a topical compound.

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