About Us

Who We Are

Advanced Therapeutics is a healthcare company dedicated to providing innovative, science-based products and services that improve patients Quality of Life. We work with healthcare providers and patients alike to improve and maximize therapies for patients who deal with pain.

We do this through a process that consists of:

  • Alternative Pain Therapies: Customized Medications.
  • Diagnostic Testing: Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx)
  • Telemedicine

This unique platform allows us to maximize therapy for each individual patient. We believe that achieving the best outcome starts with understanding our patients individually, down to their genetic makeup, and creating a product based on the individual needs of our patient. Our team is dedicated to helping our country move in another direction steering patients away from opiates for everyday treatment of pain. Furthermore, the Advanced Therapeutics team is relentless in our approach to creating awareness about the opiate epidemic in our country and educating patients on alternative medications that are available to them.

We have trained patient care representatives available daily to answer any questions and provide information about compounded prescriptions and services provided by Advanced Therapeutics. We look forward to serving you.

Our Mission

Advanced Therapeutics strives to provide personalized medicine that is tailor-made for the individual, which includes DNA testing and customized pharmaceutical products for employers, unions, and patients across multiple disease areas. We want to change the way our country aggressively treats disease with oral medications and provide alternative modalities for physicians to treat their patients while minimizing the risk of addiction, overdose and potential side effects for the patients.

We are focused on:

  1. Creating awareness of the opiate epidemic in our country.
  2. Providing alternative therapies at an affordable price to patients who no longer want highly addictive medications.
  3. Maximize therapy by customizing medications specific to their needs as an individual.
  4. Improving communication between the patient, doctor, and pharmacy to create a better healthcare system that will result in a better outcome for the patient.

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